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Lavender Essential Oil - 100% Pure therapeutic grade

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LVND Lavender essential oil

100% Pure therapeutic grade


*Certification available upon request



(Lavandula angustifolia)

Other names: True Lavender, Common Lavender

This is one of the most gentle, and widely used oils in aromatherapy. Also known as common lavender or English lavender, it produces clumps of beautiful, scented flowers above green or silvery-gray foliage. English Lavender is a calming, soothing sedative, which makes it great for improving sleep quality. It has also been shown to relieve muscle discomfort, and studies show a decrease in computer errors when individuals are exposed to lavender essential oil.


- Improves sleep quality

- Relieve muscle discomfort

- Calms and soothes nerves and aids in stress

- Beneficial for treating depression, migraine, panic attacks, headaches, and insomnia

- Heals acne, insect bites, sun burns, boils, burns, and excessive sebum



(Lavandula latifolia)

Other names: Spike Lavender

This species of Lavender has higher levels of Cineole, a compound that is also found in camphor essential oils like peppermint and rosemary. Because of its high camphor content, Spike Lavender is a better choice for easing headaches, aches or respiratory issues. It has decongestant, antiviral and pain-relieving properties. For mental stimulation and concentration, Spike Lavender works just as well as other concentration-boosting essential oils. Another surprising benefit that comes with this oil is that it also an insect repellent.


- All benefits of True/English lavender, PLUS

- Repels bugs/insects 🦟

- Helps in relieving coughs, clearing congestion, and promoting easy breathing

- A good replacement for eucalyptus oil

- Help soothe and heal cuts, burns, and damaged or scarred skin